Sunday, 24 August 2014


Just listed in the made4aid Etsy shop, we have a whole load of de-stache new Lion Brand yarns, donated by Kris.  These are available only within the US - with free shipping! so if you're planning some autumn knits, do have a look.

Some are discontinued colours and/or yarn types, like the polarspun,

which knits into a scrumptious soft furry fabric - there is a great teddy knitted with it on Etsy at the moment and some adorable baby hats.

We have some handspun yarns too - not so much of that left at the moment, but I'm busy spinning alpaca, and experimenting with my new (actually quite old) drum carder, so there will be more to come over the next month or two.  Here are the first results from the carder, some gorgeous soft merino:

And I've also been experimenting with some lock-spun beautiful curly gotland fleece -some little bits of that will be listed on made4aid soon, ideal for hand weaving or for hair for dolls and toys.

Becky, who bought some handspun portland from made4aid, sent a photo of what she is using it for:
So lovely!

Next up for my drum carder is a lovely soft soft shearling Romney fleece, which I think may spin up a bit like the romney - but will be softer. I think it may well make a delicious yarn.

The handspun yarn we have in the shop at the moment is laceweight silk and some gorgeously sea-green and lustrous wensleydale.

Plus - we have some vintage knitting patterns for instant download, and more to come!

So do keep any eye on the made4aid Etsy shop for yarns and patterns - and we welcome donations of yarn or knitted items to sell!  all proceeds go to Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Trims and sequins!

We have some great haberdashery in the Etsy shop at the moment - and more on the way, when I get time to do the listings!

Trims and embellishments including little ribbon roses and rosebuds

lacy and organza butterfly patches / appliques

these fab. bling vintage sequin butterfly and bow patches.

To come - ribbons and bows, broderie anglais and some more gorgeous patches with silver metallic embroidery on white.

All the items shown here - and more - can be found on sale in the made4aid Etsy shop.

All proceeds from made4aid sales to to Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

where does the money go...?

At made4aid, we're working to support the relief work of Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders - they receive all proceeds from sales (after Etsy and paypal charges).

Here are extracts from one of their recent letters to made4aid, after our most recent donation:

Thanks to everyone who helps made4aid raise money to support this crucial work - by buying from us, making donations of item to sell, blogging about us or helping promote us on facebook, twitter, instagram.....

every little helps!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Meet Pam

My name is Pam Lambert and I live in Cheshire.

I make cards, themed mobiles, memory books with pockets for photos and embellishments and pages for journaling. These are made with decorative cardstock and are quirky and functional. 

I also make canvas clocks. I produce die cuts for use in scrapbooking and card making, making mobiles and for decorating any creative project. I also make earrings – both clip ons and for pierced ears. I am more than happy to make any of the above to order as no two of my ‘creations’ are the same anyway.

The philosophy I live by is “everybody wins”. I have always wanted to donate my items to charity because everybody does win in that I gain pleasure from making the items, keeping my mind and creative juices working and, people in need gain from the proceeds of the sale of my items.
My mother in law sadly died last year having suffered for thirty seven years with MS and, latterly, dementia.  My oldest friend, Jean, who was my age died exactly five months to the day later. 
May, a lady who worked in my local Asda also died suddenly. Her neighbour, coincidentally,  swims with me each morning and May’s husband wanted to give her crafting materials to someone who would use them. He was also keen on donating to charity.

All these events made me realise that now is the time to find that worthy cause.

I discovered Made4Aid and another charity on line and I have donated a couple of parcels of my items so far. I am honoured to be allowed to do this and realising my philosophy is actually working because everybody does win!

If you're interested in contributing to made4aid, there is more information on donating handmade items, or supplies, on our webpage:
and you can email us at:

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Meet Sue

My name is Sue, I'm 33 yrs old, i live in the UK. 
I have health issues which prevent me from working, and i'm housebound most of the time because of this. So to keep myself busy i have a few hobbies, and one of them is making jewellery and accessories. I have made them for family and friends and they suggested i do more with them, such as selling online. 

I started looking into this and how i could sell my items and give all profits to a charity. It became very complicated! Then after a few days of searching online, i came across a forum for crafters and in one of those posts was a mention of made4aid. So i took a look at what they did, and i was immediately impressed. What a fantastic idea for raising money for charity! I contacted made4aid straight away, and after a few emailed questions and clarifications from Sally i decided this was the perfect way for me to give something back.

Being classed as a disabled person, and being housebound and reliant on other people for many things, it makes me feel great knowing that i am making a difference by donating items i have designed and made. It's nice to feel "useful" again. This is something i can do, by myself with no help from anyone. I feel good, knowing my items are doing good. And i am grateful to  made4aid for taking my donations and putting them to good use. I hope those that purchase my designs enjoy them just as much as i've enjoyed making them :)


We're so pleased to have Sue as part of made4aid!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

made4aid 4 Valentines!

Made4aid has some valentines cards and little items perfect for a valentine's gift:

There are some lovely handmade paper cut valentine cards

some original photography street valentine cards, handmade

some little sewn padded heart accessories

and a range of bags, scarves, crochet flower corsages and other gift items.


And if you're going to a Valentine's party, we have some great masquerade masks just donated and in the made4aid shop 

You can find all these items in the made4aid Etsy shop.

All proceeds from made4aid sales go to Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year

This has been a busy couple of months in the run up to Christmas, we've had quite a lot of sales in the made4aid Etsy shop - we've just gone past our 100th Etsy sale and over 170 online sales.

That's been really exciting and encouraging, and we have some lovely feedback from recent buyers.
Thank you if you've bought from us on Etsy, left us feedback, told someone about us - and thank you so much to everyone who has donated items.

Here are some of the things we've sold recently:

We've just received a very generous donation from Felecia in the US, a whole bundle of lovely sewing kits and patterns - cross stitch, applique, soft sculpture and others - and a really beautiful quilt made by Felecia

Some of these donations are listed already over at Etsy - I'll be getting the others listed as soon as I can, do keep checking in!

It would be great to have more donations or more items to sell, to keep the shop full and interesting - do please get in contact if you'd like to donate something you've made, or possibly something made by someone else if its a vintage item or commercial supplies.  You can find information and guidelines about donating items on the made4aid website.

All proceeds from our made4aid sales currently go to Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders, who are the charity we currently support - they receive proceeds from all our sales, and keep us updated with newsletters about their work.  They are active saving lives all around the world, and at the moment particularly I'm aware of their crucial work in the Central African Republic, the Philippines and Syria - there is more information on their website.

Made4aid totals are updated on the sidebar - a total of £4358 donated to relief organisations.

Thank you for stopping by and reading
and for everyone who has supported made4aid in any way in 2003

and all the best for 2014!